2008 Trends

Looking at statistics generated by Google Analytics for the visitors to my blogs shows some interesting trends (I think) OK, I know you can skew GA if you (like I) run the Firefox add-on customizegoole and block their cookies.
Browsers used by my visitors:
Internet Explorer (41.34%) Firefox (34.46%) Opera (16.29%) Safari (7.01%) Chrome (0.39%)

Top five keywords in searches that landed people here are “Tommyfest” (14%) “Weltschmertz” (7%), “Phorm” (3%), “pm_proc” (2%) and “dog prams” (2%)

Top 5 referring sites, Google (16% of all visitors), Sanityfound (15%), Ilegirl(14%), Amberfire (12%) and BritInCalifonia (10%), so no surprises there. Interestingly though, visitors from Ilegirl stayed three times as long, and read three times as many posts as vistors from elsewhere.

Top 5 countries are the US (37%), the UK (33%), South Africa (10%), Slovenia (7%) and India (2%) (I’ve been running GA longer than Flagcounter)

However, in order to get the stats up a bit, I think I need to throw in phrases like “Angelina Jolie and Kate Winslet in hot nude spanking lesbian action” more often.

~ by @mmonyte on January 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “2008 Trends”

  1. lol God you are too much at times..lol

  2. Is that because those who read my blog are:
    a) great readers in general
    b) people who do not fear commitment
    c) curious about the your beer-drinking habits
    d) so shocked by what they read that they need to read several posts before concluding you are a madman?

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