He's Not The Messiah…

…he’s just a naughty boy.  Well King Kev is now ‘cking Kev after resigning (again).  It was always going to end in tears. And now he has gone in a huff. Which is about par for the course as far as Kev is concerned. At least The End of Days is postponed.

It has been a crazy few days in the unreal world of Chavball, as the transfer window closed, Abu Dhabi squillionaires buying teams, players apparently sold to one team, subsequently being signed by another (Berbatov) and The Messiah losing his rag at being left out. Players changing teams for £30 million at the same time as government ministers were telling us that the economy is in one whole jujuflop situation.

Madness, Sheer Madness. Maybe it really is The End Of Days or TEOTWAWKI.

~ by @mmonyte on September 5, 2008.

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