The Science of the Bleedin' Obvious

Apparently Bikinis make men behave more impulsively. Just how many scientists did it take to find that out and who paid them to do it? You know, I think I can see a reason whey we haven’t discovered a cure for cancer yet. Now, will you white-coated slackers get back in the lab and do some proper work?

P.S. It’s not just the men who are slackers in this regard. Check this out, the History of Vibrators at the Cheltenham Science Festival..

~ by @mmonyte on June 10, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Science of the Bleedin' Obvious”

  1. Geez, I’d never noticed before that my male friends suddenly become infantile maniacs when they see a hot chick in a bikini. I am SO glad that scientists spent their valuable time and research money looking into this and documenting their results, rather than investigating something unimportant – like breast cancer, from which my dear sister is recovering.

  2. Who would have thought that bakinis could have that effect on men! I am shocked, really shocked and astounded! You know, it all makes sense now, I always wondered what the fuss was all about when I went swimming at the last work function… sheesh!

    Was that festival any good?

  3. On the other hand, scientists occasionally do some good work

  4. Gee… the sight of Eva in a bikini sans top never occurred to me to believe that men would lose their minds…. nope never

  5. Eva? Bikini? That girl could make so much money, all she needs is a friendly photographer and a webmaster. Wait a minute! I’ve got a whole room full of cameras and computers…………….

  6. For shame! 🙂

    Women are often no better in this regard. My neighbor’s 21-year-old son is strikingly handsome and quite the charmer. Several of my women friends – all of whom are about 20 years older than 21 – have made positively indecent comments about the boy. While this is somewhat amusing, it is also a bit sickening.

  7. […] had a good chuckle at @mmonyte’s post The Science of the Bleedin’ obvious and felt encouraged by his post A Rare Beast for the fact that someone in government is standing up […]

  8. ilegirl, sounds like you live on Wisteria Lane with a whole lot of Desperate Housewives for neighbours.

  9. ‘Desperate’ or ‘Stupid’ – not certain which adjective works the best in either context.

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