The Cup does not runneth over

It was only while reading the morning paper that I remembered that tomorrow (Saturday 17th May) was the final of the FA Cup. “When I was a lad” (what is the typeface for nostalgia?) this was the major sporting event of the year. It would be preceded by two weeks of blanket coverage of the build-up, as the two sides prepared for the “Clash Of Titans” at “The Two Towers” (wem-ber-ley). There would be special TV programmes (center-piece of which would be a special recording of “A Question Of Sport”). Now, silence.

Partly this is due to the fact that the FA Cup final used to be one of the few football matches to be shown live on TV, partly due to the fact that the Premiership, and now the Champions League, are considered the pinnacle of soccer success, and only partly due to the fact that a knock-out competition can produce a final between Cardiff City and Portsmouth Town.

~ by @mmonyte on May 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Cup does not runneth over”

  1. Some say it’s going to be a boring one but I get the feeling it is going to be edge of the seat interesting… *rubs hands together* For once it’s not the over commercialised “I am a model” bunch on the field!

  2. I’ll probably go out shopping when the match kicks off, as I am not a fan of the spherical ball game. The shops are usually very quiet during the Cup Final, not sure how that’ll work with two such unfancied teams. Currently sitting here listening to Test Match Special and hoping that the weather improves for Sunday when I’ll be dozing in front of the Warner Stand at Lords.

  3. Are you going shopping for shoes?

    If so, can I come with you?

  4. I went shopping for picnic food for a day at the cricket (post to follow when the muse arrives)

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