The Truth About UFOs.

Since World War Two there have been numerous reports of various phenomena that have been ascribed to an extra-terrestrial origin, from foo-fighters, through Roswell to the Stephenville “sightings” of 2008.  These “sightings” have been reinforced by widespread coverage through the media and many TV series and movies inspired by these apparitions.

Those people of a gullible persuasion have ascribed an unearthly origin to these phenomena, however the reality is very straightforward.  In order to obscure the capabilities of their aerospace industries, the security services of both the NATO-lead western block and the Soviet-lead eastern bloc encouraged “useful idiots” to promulgate these extra-terrestrial fantasies.  And so many people fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Well you only have to look at how many people believe in God to see how gullible you Earthlings are.

Keep watching the skies.

~ by @mmonyte on March 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Truth About UFOs.”

  1. My gosh.. what a synic. If I could only really believe you.

    I personally believe that we would be totally naiive to believe that we are alone in this great vast universe of ours. That we alone evolved into thinking creatures. I can’t imagine a learned man like yourself would think otherwise. Especially with your extensive knowledge of astronomy and geology. The possibility of us being the only lifeforms in the universe mathematically are impossible.

    As for the God thing….Well no one can give another faith. But I have enough for both of us… so you are covered! 🙂

  2. Ah, now I didn’t say anything about us being alone in the Universe. There is ample evidence that the chemicals which are precursors to life are quite abundant both within the solar system (e.g. and outside it (e.g. The problem is the physics of getting around the Universe on meaningful timescales and using practical energy consumption. It’s just too time-consuming and too expensive. Any really intelligent life-form is at home in front of the TV waiting for a less-intelligent life-form (e.g. Intergalactic double-glazing salesmen) to came calling.

  3. too funny… double glazing salesmen!!! rofl

  4. Our house has full double-glazing, which is obvious to anyone standing at our front door. The front door also has a notice on it (provided by our local police) saying “we do not buy or sell at this door”. We still get people knocking on the door and trying to sell us double-glazing. Ho, hum.

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