Epilogue – Monday 7th July 2003

Jacqui, John, Keith and I had attended the Open University Geological Symposium, held this (2003) year in Durham site of many Open University Summer schools, and the site of the first reunion of the Kindrogan 5. On Sunday afternoon we find the (closed) bar of the Queen Victoria Hotel, which Mike had enjoyed so much on a previous visit. Walking back to the University campus we bumped into Matty Stewart a friend of mine, whom I had first met through a mutual friend, when he (Matty) was working as a carer for disabled students in Cambridge.

On the Monday we drive to Newcastle and stand arm-in-arm by the headstone; Keith departs for Leeds and work, Jacqui, John and I travel to Cumbria for a couple of days gentle bimbling around.

I had written to the YHA explaining the circumstances of our trip and they generously refunded the unused one third of their fees, which went to the British Heart Foundation, the charity nominated by Mike’s widow.

On Sunday 10th July 2005, Matty passed away in front of me and several other friends, having had an asthma-induced heart attack, he was only 32. The story of how Matty is remembered is yet to be told. It’s going to be a good one.

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