Move over, Superman.

Today I discovered I had superhuman powers that I didn’t know about; I was able to stop speeding trains by by power of my voice alone.

On my usual lunchtime perambulations I was about to pass under a short tunnel which traverses tha main railway line, I glanced up to see a train pssing over the top, followed by a loud bang. For a few moments I though that a train had crashed, then like toothpaste squeezing out of its tube, a truck emerged from the tunnel, scattering bacardi breezers in it’s wake.

In one smooth action I plucked my mobile phone from it’s magnetically sealed leather holster on my hip, dialled the phone number on the sign attached to the bridge for such eventualities, quoted the reference number of the bridge (71m 21c MLN) and was rewarded with the message “thank you sir, we’ll stop the trains and get someone to come out and check it over”

Meantime, a rather squashed looking truck had pulled up 100m away, still oozing bacardi breezers and alcopops. The driver was fighting a losing battle with some youths who were attempting to “clean up” the undamaged ones, but having done my superdeed of the day, I left that one to batman to sort out.

~ by @mmonyte on August 25, 2006.

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