Malham to Horton (15 Miles) Tuesday 13th August 2002

A flock of ravenous ducks descended upon the kids, who were armed, fortunately, with loaded bags of bread. The day began with a short sharp ascent of Malham Cove onto the limestone pavement (karst), where I narrowly avoided breaking a leg when I missed my stride on the clints and a leg vanished down a grike. I think it was my only narrow squeak of the whole journey.

We rounded Malham Tarn and headed across the moor, the limestone giving a very different landscape to that which we had walked over, earlier in the trip. Over Fountains Fell we started to feel the force of the wind, as the route returned to searching out nice bits of vertical. Descending we had a stomp up the road before turning to the North for our first Serious Summit, Pen-y-ghent. It looms up out of the dales like an angry sphinx, crouching, waiting to devour the weary and unwary. It was also still blowing half-a-gale and trying to tear my hat from my head. Since The Hat has a wide brim which acts as a wing, this was not good.

We tarried not on the summit but rapidly descended, avoiding the shake holes, taking a peek into the opening of the 200′ cavern known as Hunt Pot, next stumbling along a blocky, rubbly track into Horton-in-Ribblesdale, and thence to the New Inn for a pint, some salted peanuts, and a wait to be rescued. I kind of recall K telling me a story about a holiday he an L had enjoyed here, but the details now escape me. Tonight is our last night “at home”, then we are on our own for the rest of the trip.

~ by @mmonyte on August 20, 2006.

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