Prologue – Telford 2000 – A Bridge to the Future

We were in the bar, and on our fifth pint of Guinness, because the ceilidh band had turned up in matching red jackets and Mike reckoned that was always a bad sign. Keith had just told (for the first time) the story of how his brother Ian had stood on a dead sheep near Tan Hill whilst attempting to walk the Pennine Way.

Mike took a pull on his Guinness and with that rueful sideways grin of his said “You know, I’ve always fancied doing that…”. “Well if you want a crack at it count me in” said Keith. “Can I come too?” I hesitantly asked.  Well that’s how I remember it anyway.
Soon the first schedule arrived, 290 miles in 16 days. Keith pointed out that we weren’t 21 anymore, and a more reasonable 19 day schedule was agreed upon.

2001 – Foot and Mouth arrived. Tony Blair acted in a careful, statesman-like way and panicked, closing down the English countryside. So we went to Scotland and walked the West Highland Way instead.

Monday 29 July 2002. I was sitting in my office wondering how much longer I put off doing some work, when the phone rang. It was Mike’s sister. Mike had died the previous day, working out in the gym in preparation for the journey.
Tuesday 7 August 2002. We set off from Edale

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