Huddling down

For a geek I’m not a particularly early adopter of new technology, but then again if I’m not on the bleeding edge I am less likely to get cut. So, it has taken a while to get around to owning a tablet. Penury played its part as a fruit-based device is undeniably enviable, but noted by a small tax rebate and the enthusiastic recommendation of a colleague I went to the (very) dark side to purchase a T€$¢o Hudl2.

£129 plus £7.99 for a 32 gig SD card, hard to resist. The price is presumably subsidised by the data harvesting from the supermarket’s apps and customisations. Thanks to I have removed the corporate apps, adjusted the security settings (yeah, right) and got it (more-or-less) to my liking.

As I intend it to be a second-screen device I have my basic essentials of Firefox, Janetter, Sonos and Instagram. Without an Android version of Thunderbird I went for K-9 as my email client of choice.

People with smaller hands may find holding it in portrait mode awkward, but it’s a good size and has an excellent screen and good sound. Last night I watched Iron Sky streamed from my NAS via BSPlayer and it was fine.

It is WiFi only, but if I’m out of the house I have a phone, which is far more portable.

~ by @mmonyte on January 1, 2015.

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