Back in the Saddle

Since I broke my leg last year, I have only been on the bike twice. Now that has not really been due to the leg itself which has healed pretty well and doesn’t give me many problems, but well, laziness really. What I need or rather, needed was motivation. And that come in unexpected ways.

On Friday evening I was putting my car away in it’s garage, when I noticed a neighbour putting a rather tasty bike into his. And after a brief conversation I found myself entered for a 20 mile charity ride today. Fortunately my previous two rides had been about the same distance. The ride itself was organised by the Lions Club of Burnham

Bit nervous, given how few serious cardio-vascular workouts I’ve had recently, and it’s an area with a few nasty (but thankfully short) hills. Pedaled round at a nice pace in a gang of four, it was well-signed and well-marshalled (they’ve been doing it for 20 years) and got given a bottle of water, choccy bar and this medal.

Medal & Gloves

Medal & Gloves

If you’d like to contribute you can sponsor me at the Purecharity website. Thank you.

~ by @mmonyte on June 13, 2010.

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