A Mea Culpa from the NHS

As regular readers will know, I had a little incident last year and broke my leg. This necessitated a stay in hospital to put a plate and six screws into the leg to fix the bones so they could heal properly. Now whilst the initial care was superb (other than a two-hour wait in A&E) it declined over the duration of my stay, and it was only when I came to be discharged did I discover that I should have been on anti-coagulants after the operation. So I was discharged with a box of syringes filled with Fragmin, no sharps box and no instruction on how to use them. I also have a phobia about needles.

Needless to say, this did not go down well with my Sister who is a very Senior Sister at some fancy London Hospital, and she advised me to write and complain. Today, four months after I wrote the letter, I got a reply, in which they admitted pretty much everything and said that as a result of investigating my complaint they had realised that they needed to change various operating procedures and improve supervision of medical staff. This will also result in the nursing teams dealing with smaller numbers of patients via a reorganisation of the ward structures. I currently do not plan to test this by visiting them again.

Blimey, complaining actually works!

~ by @mmonyte on March 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Mea Culpa from the NHS”

  1. I hope you don’t test out the NHS anytime in the near future, or ever again come to that. At least you can hope that the next poor soul that goes in there gets better treatment thanks to your complaining.

  2. At least they didn’t give you previously loved needles like they did with me! Dirty bastards!

    Good fun sticking needles in yourself though ain’t it?


  3. Im sooooo sick of the NHS.. seriously. The way you have been treated by them, they way your mother is treated by them… hell the way I have been treated by them is appalling.

    Only one way to fix it… stay healthy 🙂

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