No Doctors’ papers required

Those of us who grew up in the 1970’s can recall power cuts, the three day week and Max Boyce. Max was a Welsh ‘comedian’ invariable accompanied by a huge leek who would sing songs and recite poems about the ‘Pontypool Front row” and other sundry Welsh Rugby activities, which, in the 1970’s seemed to be unfailingly successful (especially when playing the English”.

It has therefore, been particularly rewarding to have been able to attend Twickenham on the occasion of some rather better English performances, e.g.

2000 England 46 – 12 Wales
2002 England 50 – 10 Wales
2004 England 31 – 21 Wales
2006 England 47 – 13 Wales
2008 (otherwise engaged walking across Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire, result unimportant)

This year was especially special as it was my first proper day out after three months of recovering from a broken leg. Day began by driving to Windsor to meet up with fellow tweeter @Cluckingchicken. I fiddle with his internet connection a bit, we have a pastie and tea, before setting out for HQ. Drive there up the A30 and park in Tescos Car Park. We have plenty of time, so I’m able to bimble over to the stadium on my Crutch, whilst @Cluckingchicken zips along in his powered wheelchair. We make for our usual spot near the Guinness Bar under the North Stand. It’s fekking freezing, and I regret leaving my gloves in the car. Dave and Ian arrive and we share a cheeky pre-match Guinness, and catch up on 12 months worth of gossip.

@Cluckingchicken and I are in the disabled seating area of the new South Stand, so we make our way round to the lift and up to Level 4, arriving just in time for the anthems. haven’t been here since the redevelopment. Note there are 3 disabled toilets, and plenty of space for a bar should they decide to put one in.

Well England win (well with my record did Wales actually stand a chance?) it’s a “bitty” game, quite exciting and lots of running rugby, but in fits and starts. England seal it with tries either side of half-time (We didn’t realise that Alum Wynn Jones had been sin binned, because you can’t see the big screens from where we were).

England 30 – 17 Wales

We would normally make a dash for the exit before the end to get in the vehicle and out of the car park five minutes before the whistle, but due to my leg we decide to wait to the end and take our time. As it is, it takes about 30 minutes to get out of the car park and moving. We take the opportunity t call ahead to Spices Indian Restaurant in Datchet and order a take-a-way. When we arrive at Spices, I find a welsh supporter glumly waiting for a table. I commiserate as best I can.

Back at the Chicken Coop @Cluckingchicken’s brother is waiting, the meal is greedily consumed, then we watch the game all over again on TV. England win again. Max Boyce? Who’s He?

~ by @mmonyte on February 7, 2010.

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