Rehab (I do wanna go, go, go)

Amy Winehouse famously didn’t want to go to Rehab. I have been rather impatiently waiting to go to Rehab. When the cast came off my leg in December the Registrar prescribed a trip to a Physiotherapist for a dose of rehabilitation on the joints, muscles and ligaments that make up my legendary leg end (can you see what I did there?)

Unfortunately some people choose the end of December to “celebrate” a holy day belonging to a religion that most of them don’t believe in, so the first available date for the physiotherapy was three weeks after the removal of the cast. I had been given no guidance other than “you can put weight on it now” and “don’t drive until you’ve seen the Physio”, so over the holiday period I stumbled around on my crutches tentatively increasing the amount of hobbling/shuffling/walking I could manage. I didn’t know how much I could do without aggravating the problem. The leg was still very swollen, and I was quite dismayed at how difficult it was when the cast had come off.

Then the weather decided to intervene. We had a bit of snow, so the hospital transport service went into emergency-only mode and canceled my transport to the first appointment on 7th January (3 weeks after leg liberation day). The appointment was re-booked for the 13th, but on the night of the 12th/13th we had another fall of the white stuff, and so another delay until the 22nd. Not wishing to take any risks I had phoned the transport service on the 21st to check they had the booking, so that on the appointed day I was ready, two hours before the appointment time. Needless to say I need not have been so punctual as the transport arrived about 20 minutes before the appointment time, I was their only passenger and we arrived at the hospital with oodles of time to spare. The driver even took me round the back and showed me the secret short way to the Physio Department.

This all meant that by the time I checked in with reception (and due to warping of space-time) I was actually 30 minutes early*. The department didn’t seem particularly busy, and there were only a couple of other people waiting, and I actually got seen ten minutes ahead of schedule. After answering all the usual questions “No I’m not on any medication, don’t have high blood pressure (despite the evidence of my eye)

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

…etc”, it was socks off and roll up the trousers for the cute, short blond Physio with the slight South Afrikan accint. “Hmm it is a bit swollen” she said, looking at my ankle, and proceeded to demonstrate how I could massage it. Next she produced what I can only describe as a rubber bandana stolen from a fetish fair, and we practiced a couple of exercises with it.

The Fetish Bandana

The Fetish Bandana

Exercise One

Exercise One

Exercise Two

Exercise Two

A bit of advice that is was safe to walk for 10-15 minutes each day, and to gradually extend the walking, but not to drive yet followed by a quick hobble up and down the corridor, and that was it. “Give this card to reception and see you in a couple of weeks when we’ll do some work in the gym”. I took the long route back to the main reception area, introduced myself to the girl at the Transport desk and within five minutes was being conveyed home by the driver who had taken me home on my initial discharge, when I was still in a cast (although she had significantly changed her hair colour since November).

At least I now know that I’m not going to do any damage by bimbling around, but I’m rather frustrated by not being able to drive. Next appointment with the consultant is scheduled for next Friday (barring a return of the white stuff).

* The Physiotherapy department are skeptical of the punctuality of the Transport department, so they arrange transport to deliver their patients early

~ by @mmonyte on January 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Rehab (I do wanna go, go, go)”

  1. Good to hear that the cast is off. Take it easy and it’ll all be alright. You’ll be driving in no time. As for your eye… how did that happen? I had something similar a few months ago

    • I’ve been coughing quite hard lately. That may have caused it. I get one about once a year or so, just like the way it freaks other people out!

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