iPod Update

It only seems like yesterday that I loaded my 6,000th track onto the ‘pod, but today I hit number 7,000, and that original 60GB of space that seemed almost endless is rapidly looking hopelessly optimistic. Apple, please stop messing around with Tablets and do us a Terrabyte Solid disk iPod.

Anyway track 7,000 was ‘Wenatchee’ by Sea Sick Steve from his ‘Man From Another Time’ recording. And while I’m in a mood to list things here is the top ten most played tracks, which show my preference for playing complete Recordings and not the odd track or two.

10 ‘Dirty Work’ Steely Dan ‘Can’t Buy A Thrill’
09 ‘Space monkey’ Patti Smith ‘Easter’
08 ‘Hyacinth House’ The Doors ‘L.A. Woman’
07 ‘Monday saw’ Ian Siegal ‘Standing In The Morning’
06 ‘Ride A White Horse’ Goldfrapp ‘Supernature’
05 ‘Turn That Heartbeat Over Again’ Steely Dan ‘Can’t Buy A Thrill’
04 ‘Ripple’ Grateful dead ‘American Beauty’
03 ‘Truckin’ ‘Grateful Dead ‘American Beauty’
02 ‘Ooh La La’ Goldfrapp ‘Supernature’
01 ‘Only A Fool Would Say That’ Steely Dan ‘Can’t Buy A Thrill’

~ by @mmonyte on December 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “iPod Update”

  1. The classic iPod now has 160lb, which should allow you to move towards 20,000 songs
    Reading the list makes me feel like playing some Goldfrapp and listening to LA Woman

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