Leg Liberation Day

Well the big day arrived and so did the snow, so my initial worry was that this would be used to postpone The Big Event. However the Ambulance turned up at 2.15, and off we bimbled to Ascot, admiring the pretty scenery as we went, especially through Windsor Great Park. Would have love to been able to stop and do some photography.

At the Hospital it didn’t seem very busy. Had the cast removed – almost orgasmic bliss – then a surprisingly long wait for an X-Ray. Then it was back to the consulting rooms and a quick chat with one of the Registrars. He got me to put weight on the foot, wiggle it a bit, and said “Physiotherapy and see you in six weeks time”. Ticked a couple of boxes on my chitty and sent me on my way. “You can walk on it he siad as I hopped out of the door”. Found that my leg was much much weaker than I had expected as I shuffled back to reception.

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Handed the chitty to reception who entered me into the system for referral to the Physiotherapy department at a hospital much much closer to home. They phoned the Transport department and I took a seat. And Waited. And Waited. The Registrar passed by on his way home, and I took the opportunity to ask the question I had forgotten to ask “When can I drive?”. “After you’ve been cleared by the Physio” was his reply. And Waited. And Waited. “You still waiting?” said the Nurse. “I’ll call transport again”. “Can you get in a taxi? OK, they’re ordering one now, you can wait in Main Reception”. By this time I’ve been waiting an hour.

So I shuffle down to an empty main Reception and choose what looks like to comfiest chair. And Waited. And Waited. And Waited. And Waited. The nurse from the Fracture clinic comes through on her way home, “You still waiting?” I manfully refrain from being facetious, and she trots off to make further inquiries. “It’s on its way, but its, well, Friday night…” Finally after forty five minutes in a cold main reception area, in comes a man who like like a taxi driver. The drive home is very quick for a Friday night, the traffic is much lighter than you’d expect for a Friday night. Getting from the car to the house is an adventure as the road is till covered in snow, much of it polished and some of it glistening with ice. But I manage the jaunt without adding further injury.

After a cup of tea I find that I can (just about) manage with one crutch for short distances, that it’s easier wearing my Brasher Sandals, and that most manoeuvrings are easier now that I can put two feet on the floor. Rather disappointed that I am not more mobile, but hopefully that will come when my body realises my right leg is now working again. Need to find an old inner tube, which my sister recommended for exercising with, whilst sitting on the edge of the bed. So it looks like I have a fair bit of hobbling around to do yet.

~ by @mmonyte on December 18, 2009.

One Response to “Leg Liberation Day”

  1. Aside from the seemingly endless wait, it sounds like the process went well. Congrats!

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