Legging It

Well it’s been almost three weeks since the plate and screws went into the ankle, so today I had my first out-patients appointment to see how it’s all mending. Due to the unique way in which the NHS works, this meant I had to go to a hospital which is far far away, or Ascot as it is known round these parts. Because I can’t bear weight I get transport though. So I was ready well before the appointed time (you are told to be ready two hours before your appointment time) but the Ambulance turned up a mere hour before the scheduled appointment. There were a couple of people already on board, we picked up another on the way, then everyone else was thrown off at a Hospital in Windsor and I continued in Splendid Isolation to Heatherwood arriving 30 minutes early for the “Fracture Clinic”.

The advantage of sitting in a deserted waiting room meant that I was first up and into the system. The old cast was removed, the stitches taken out, and a new cast fitted. This time I did get a choice of colours, I chose red to honour the British and Irish Lions Rugby Union team.



What that doesn’t show is the “seam” about the thickness of a pencil down the leg. The foot is rather puffier and more bloated than I’d imagined it would be.

Red cast

Red cast

Then it was straight on to the X-Ray department for a short wait and another X-Ray, before back to the “Fracture Clinic” and a consultation with the Surgeon who performed the procedure. He seemed quite pleased with the progress, but wants me to wait a further four weeks before the cast comes off and work on the rehab can begin. So that’ll be in time for the Winter Solstice, then.

3 weeks on

3 weeks on

It’s a smaller hospital than the one I was initially treated in, and the particular unit where the clinic was held seems like quite a new building, everything was quick and efficient. There was a warning in the X-Ray department that as they were rolling out the news computerised PACS system there might be some delays, but they seemed to be rattling though customers at a rate of knots whilst I was there.

As soon as I emerged from the Consultation there was a driver waiting for me, we collected another patient and departed, avoiding the traffic leaving the racecourse, dropped the other patient at a Quite A Posh Nursing Home in Old Windsor, and used local knowledge to out-wit the evening school-run traffic to make it home in time for tea and muffins.

It’s still another four f*@$£%g weeks on crutches, though.

~ by @mmonyte on November 20, 2009.

One Response to “Legging It”

  1. Hi Tim,

    Just catching up with blogs and found out about what you’ve been up to! Also seemed to deftly avoid any of your relevant tweets, so this was a shock for me (although I realise somewhat more for you).

    Hope you’re continuing to improve and that things turn out well for you. Having had a wife with a broken toe, I know how much it affects all the things you do. If I’d known about it, I’d have offered to pop round yesterday on my way back from Heathrow (dropping off a visitor), could have made you a cup of tea or something. 🙂

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