The Ammonyte’s New Big Adventure

The Ammonyte hopped around the kitchen, boing boing boing! Hoopdetoodle and fiddlemedee! Anyone peeking in the window would have thought that he had turned into a Tigger. The Ammonyte was happy beyond belief, because he had just received an invitation from The Princess and the BFG (Big Friendly Gary) to go and visit them and their friend the W.W.W. (Wise Wizard from the West) at their Magic Castle near the Shining Towers of the East, to test some Magic Potions.

So the following day he bimbled down to town and waited for a Shiny Wriggly Caterpillar to take him off to the Big City, remembering the curious feeling in his tummy that his previous adventure on the Caterpillar had engendered. Within what seemed like a very short time he tumbled out of the Caterpillar into the Big Town. The Parks were as he recalled them, full of trees and people having fun. The Very Big House still had a lot of people waiting out side, but the Very Tall Clock didn’t have anyone shouting at it, so he thought it must be happy.

Crossing the widest river he had ever seen the Ammonyte bimbled along the riverbank past an enormous wheel that spun and spun but never went anywhere. “What possible fun could that be?” mused the Ammonyte.

Big Wheel, Keep On Turning

Big Wheel, Keep On Turning

He bimbled further along past a curious grey building with odd splashes of colour. Nearby strange people tried to be even stranger people, wriggling or not wriggling to curious music. Eventually he reached an enormous metal boat moored in the middle of the river, as he stared at this he noticed a shop selling potions, so the Ammonyte decided the only sensible response was to have a potion called “Cumberland Ale” and very nice it was too. Feeling rather light-headed he bimbled on, crossing the river again, down now familiar lanes, till finally he arrived at the potion house next to the Magic Castle. Inside sitting next to some big boxes on wheels was a man who introduced himself as the W.W.W. Over a large magic potion the WWW told tales of the amazing magic potions that were made in a country far away to the West. Suddenly! the BFG appeared and suggested the WWW stow his big boxes on wheels at the Magic Castle. So they all bimbled across the moat into the Magic Castle, the WWW stowed his boxes on wheels and then the Ammonyte the BFG and the WWW, went up onto the roof of the Magic Castle and looked upon the Shining Towers of the East

The Shining Towers of the East, the WWW and the BFG

The Shining Towers of the East, the WWW and the BFG

Just then, The Princess arrived home so the BFG suggested returning to the magic potion selling house as there were some very special potions from a small town in the East which were supposed to be Very Very Good, and needed some serious testing, so by the time The Princess got to the magic potion house, very many potions had already been tested. The Ammonyte, emboldened after several large potions told the WWW that he had taken up making Magic Potions. Thw WWW said that he would like to try one of the Ammonyte’s potions. The Ammonyte’s heart did back-flips! if The WWW gave his approval to his potions! Oh My!

The Princess said that enough potions had been consumed and that they should go to the Shop of Delicious Delights down the lane, so off they all wandered. And My! The delights were most delicious. The Ammonyte had a fish, the like of which he had not heard of before, for it clearly did not swim in the streams that flowed through the woods near the Ammonyte’s abode. Alongside the food some more potions were consumed, the names of which sounded like Strange Snakes from the East.

Somehow the party arrived back at the Magic Castle, and the BFG announced that they should all play a game called “Guitar Hero”, but the Princess said he had a shiny new talky thing called an “ayefone” that she needed to introduce to her ‘puter, so the WWW, the BFG and the Ammonyte played “Guitar Hero” on a thing called “a wee”, which was made much more difficult by a special potion called ‘Vanilla Vodka”.

Suddenly! It was the next morning. The BFG and the Princess had vanished to rule their fiefdoms in The Big City. The Ammonyte was happy to see that the WWW had suffered as much from the after-effects of the potions as he had done. The WWW loaded up his magic boxes on wheels and he and the Ammonyte set out for the river bank, where after a non-magic potion they got on a boat that traveled back up the Big River, the Ammonyte literally boggled to see the Big City from a boat on the river. Then they took a Shiny Wriggly Caterpillar that went underground like a worm, until they arrived at the house where the Shiny Wriggly Caterpillars that would take the Ammonyte home, lived.

Finally the WWW and The Ammonyte arrived at the burrow where the Ammonyte lived. Nervously the Ammonyte poured a cup of his own Magic Potion for the WWW to try. The WWW considered. “Not bad, not bad at all” was his opinion. Well! Well! The Ammonyte could have jumped the Moon! For it was well known that the WWW was a most discerning and experienced judge of potions. So it was with a heart full of happiness and sadness that the Ammonyte took the WWW and his boxes on wheels, upon his cart to meet The Fluffy One who was to care for the WWW until the Big Shiny Bird took him back to the far, far West.

And so he came back up the hill, as day was ending once more. And he went on, and there was yellow light, and fire within. He drew a deep breath. “Well I’m back,” he said.

~ by @mmonyte on October 14, 2009.

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