Let X=A, F1< 0

Formula 1? You gotta love it. I like it for the science, technology and engineering. The actual racing itself is boring and the results are often contrived. (Though I think Bernie and Max read my earlier blog, and adjusted accordingly). Not that things were any better in the ‘good old days’ when there were fewer lawyers around, and things were agreed with a nod a wink and a handshake. The ‘Good Old Days”, that’ll be when Max and Bernie were running teams and not the whole sport.

Recently all eyes have been on the Renault ‘Spygate’ scandal, and this morning it emerged that a ‘Witness X’ had put nails in the coffin of the defense. Now I am not suggesting any connection, but I find it curious that both Ron Dennis and Flavio Briatotre, whom it was rumored to have been behind Max Mosley’s ‘outing’ have both been punted out of F1. Max tidying things up before he leaves, perhaps? And who was ‘Witness X’? Fernando Alonso was called to the hearing at short notice, and it would be inconceivable that a driver of his experience did not want to know why he was put on such a strange race-strategy.

Well the next performance of the circus is in Singapore this coming weekend, and is taking place at night to facilitate better TV audience ratings. Let’s hope it’s not scheduled against the X-Factor.

~ by @mmonyte on September 23, 2009.

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