UFO Crash Site Discovered

Regular readers may recall my encounter with a UFO hovering in a thicket of trees. Well today I was able to go one step further when I discovered the wreckage of a crashed UFO beside Crow Piece Lane, South Bucks (51°32’54.37″N 0°38’6.15″W)

UFO wreckage

UFO wreckage

Now, I know what you are thinking. “This doesn’t look like my idea of a crashed UFO”. Well that’s where you are wrong. It is exactly like a crashed UFO. It is the discarded envelope of a Chinese Sky Lantern, sightings of which have been widely mistaken for UFO’s. If you look closely at the top left of the wreckage you can see some sooty material sticking to the wires, where the burner had been attached. The burner is a naphtha based material which has completely burned away, which then allowed the lantern envelope to descend.

~ by @mmonyte on August 26, 2009.

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