Ashes To Ashes

The first test match I saw live was England vs West Indies at the Oval in 1996. That day I saw three of the WIndies batsmen make centuries. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to go to at least one Test Match each summer, and sometimes two, Lords and The Oval. The atmosphere at each venue is significantly different, Lords being the Cathedral of Cricket and the Oval being the Circus. In recent years TC and I have eschewed the Oval in favour of Lords, mainly on cost grounds. Tickets for the disabled areas at lords cost £25, at the Oval £80! What gives? A couple of years ago I wrote to The Oval asking why there was such a discrepancy and was told that “we could easily charge three times as much”, which (a) didn’t answer the question and (b) came across as very rude. But this being an Ashes series we decided to bite the bullet and so on Saturday, driven by the Furnster we rocked up at the Oval and found that although we had a good view from almost behind the bowlers arm, there was a whole third of the ground we couldn’t see (including the Big Screen)

@aggerscricket Given the price of tickets, You'd expect not t... on Twitpic

Having said that, the rest of the development at the Vauxhall End is excellent, with bars close to the seating and plenty of places to eat (If you haven’t bought your own picnic along). Now if they could get rid of that concrete wall…

The old landmarks remain
Gasometer in the background, the Speed Gun is the device on t... on Twitpic

The cricket was most excellent too, there was our new hero Stuart “Malfoy” Broad…
The baby-faced assassin. Saw him after play at lords, waiting... on Twitpic

Jonathon Trott got a maiden century
Trott Celebrates his century, Sat 22 Aug, Oval on Twitpic

Swannie Bambozzled the Aussies
Swann tries to bamboozle #ashes on Twitpic

And we caught up with Gary and Miles from Salisbury
Gary, Miles and Tim (@cluckingchicken) at the Oval, Saturday ... on Twitpic

At stumps we wandered up to the South Bank for more drinks and a chat with Miles and Gary in The Mulberry Bush, before parting at Waterloo. TC contacted Customer Services for assistance in getting on to the train, and to phone ahead for help in getting off at Windsor. We were on the train when the guard came along to let us know that there were no staff on duty at Windsor Riverside and hence the disabled access entrance had been closed and locked. Clearly this is unacceptable in this day and age. Given that we were on the train at the time our options might have been limited, had we not had the option of calling up the Furnster to collect us from Datchet which does have access for wheelchairs which is not locked at 10 PM on a Saturday night.

So we repaired to The Morning Star in Datchet for a drink whilst waiting for the Furnster. It was in a room above this Public House that my father was born, 3rd August 1930, his Mother being the Publican at the time. For reasons that are difficult to explain this was only the second time I’ve ever had a drink in this Pub.

The Furnster arrived and ferried TC and I back to his house, and I completed my journey back home on my Bicycle arriving back at 1.30AM. It was a good day.

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