Northern Blues

Well it’s been that time of year. Time to head North to the Maryport Blues Festival, followed by a bit of bimbling in wild places, sampling some interesting beers, eating local produce and sleeping in a wet tent. And boy was it wet. I suppose I should not have irritated the weather gods before I went, by installing a micro-irrigation system at home to keep my tubs, baskets and tomatoes watered automatically. Met up with an old friend to climb Helvellyn via a rather windy Striding edge, made a new friend on the Screes at Wastwater, renewed existing friendships over a glass of Whisky and chats about pubs.

Maryport Blues Friday

Ian Anderson was magnificently loony, and King King were really rocking.

Maryport Blues Saturday

John Mayall and The Blues Band were fantastic and showed that blue men can sing the whites.

Maryport Blues Sunday

Eric Burdon looked a bit like a cross between a small Chris Farlow (see 2008) and Bonio’s dad and showed the experience of an old trooper. Terrific stuff.

Elsewhere in Cumbria

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