Drunk On The 4th Of July

Given the date, I suppose it was entirely appropriate I should end it at a barbecue on a trailer park with fireworks in the distance.

However, the day was more auspicious for the joy in watching the British (and Irish) Lions beating the South African Springboks, and handing a team of sullen bullies a good shellacking. Anyone who has met a ‘bok supporter will attest that they frequently deserve their reputation.

So we then moved on from TC’s big TV and Sky Dish to the BBQ, accompanied by a large box of I.P.A (I.P.A. = India Pale Ale, a light pale beer more suited to drinking in the hot climate of colonial India than traditional Stout and Porter types which then prevailed) from the Rebellion Brewery, to the Trailer Park (US) or Static Mobile Home Facility (UK), beside the Thames and just upstream of Windsor Racecourse. If there is ever a tornado warning I now know where to avoid. Anyway, generous host Anthony provided a fantastic spread and we met some of his neighbours, including Reg, an Englishman who had live in Australia for about 40 of his 92 years. Before emigrating, Reg has seen cricket legends like Don Bradman, Harold Larwood and Bill Voce playing for the Ashes back in the 1930’s.

It was a privilege to talk to someone who had seen these Gentlemen playing, and timely, as the next Ashes series begins this week in the unusual environs of Sofia Gardens, Cardiff, probably because someone pointed out to the ECB, that they were actually the England (and Wales) Cricket Board. TC has the tickets for the Lords and Oval tests, so here’s hoping for a series as epic as the last.

The evening ended up gazing at the stars hoping for a glimpse of the ISS and listening the the fireworks in the distance which may or may not have been associated with the Henley Regatta, and finally a cycle ride back up Murder Alley in Slough at an hour so late even the scary people were scared to be around.

~ by @mmonyte on July 5, 2009.

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