Resistance Is Futile! (But may turn merry later)

It was with little surprise that I heard the news that Obersturmführer Alistair Darling had increased the duty on alcohol. 1 penny per pint actually equates to a price rise of about 4 pence by the time the glass hits the bar. Many traditional British public houses are suffering both from the effects of the recession (people go out less) and the major supermarket chains sell discounted alcohol as a loss-leader to entice customers in (Tesco is continuing to make profits of £1 billion per quarter).

So Now This.

My reaction? Well not entirely guaranteed to help the ailing Pubs, I have decided to become my own micro-brewery. Inspired by James May (him off the telly) and a fellow tweeter, Brewbabe (could you seriously resist someone with a nick like that?) I took delivery this morning of my own 40 pint micro brewery kit, going to start with a Norfolk Ale, Woodfordes Wherry.

“Cry ‘God for Harry, England and Saint George!’ And Let Slip The Malts of War!”

~ by @mmonyte on April 23, 2009.

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