Help! I think I'm becoming a coder

When I worked in corporate IT I thought of myself as a hardware guy doing butch manly things like mounting servers in racks, cunning routing cables through voids and trunking, sliding hot-swap hard drives into enclosures with a satisfying click. Occasionally I would lower myself to load an OS or figure out how to get mickeysoft and third-party apps to “play nice”, but only in the direst of emergency would I lower myself to writing a bit of code. For it is well-known within the geek hierarchy that the geekiest of all geeks, the nerdiest of all nerds are the coders. While the hardware guys sat down the pub, laughing and joking about the differences between CAT-5 and CAT-6 cables the coders sit wan and pale-faced in their cubicles, fingers furiously working the keyboard as they churn out reams of code.

I recently began a project for a customer to create an e-commerce website to sell art works, which has necessitated getting down and dirty with HTML and CSS. Not the most onerous of coding environments I grant you, but I am becoming ridiculously pleased at a bit of logically laid-out, correctly indented code that is concise and simple to follow.

~ by @mmonyte on February 23, 2009.

One Response to “Help! I think I'm becoming a coder”

  1. Excellent – you are coming over to the Dark Side!

    Also pleasing to hear your satisfaction in well-structured, easily-maintained code. There is no other kind that is worthwhile (says she who is in the process of reverse-engineering some esoteric crap).

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