Dog-Pram Lady Redux

A while back I blogged about the Dog-Pram Lady who “walked” her pooch in an antique pram, whilst another, presumably younger and less infirm dog trotted along behind. Since I wrote that blog I hadn’t seen the lady, and I assumed that she had fallen off the perch.

However, yesterday whilst completing a 16 mile walk wearing a 16 pound pack (training for a bit of monro-bagging) I came upon said Dog-Pram Lady, only to find that she has traded-up to become Dog-Buggy lady, and now pushes a smart children’s buggy with a pooch in it. She seems to be down to a single doggie now.

I haven’t blogged much recently, as one of my friends has just had a stroke, and I’ve been rather distracted by that (amongst other things).

~ by @mmonyte on February 19, 2009.

One Response to “Dog-Pram Lady Redux”

  1. Am very sorry to hear of your friend who had a stroke. That’s awful.

    Dog-Buggy Lady sounds like a quirky character. I like quirky characters, as long as they do not yell at me as I do my own bit of trail-trekking.

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