The White Stuff

We’ve just had a small fall of snow, here in the South of the UK. It may have been more than the thin veneer that usually passes for “winter”, but it was predicted (accurately) almost a week ahead. Needless to say, come the day, everything stopped. The usual excuse of “wrong type of snow” was trotted out, schools stayed closed, buses in London failed to run (even the Blitz didn’t stop London Buses!) and the Safety elves told people to stay home, don’t travel etc etc etc.

So I bravely defied the elves, sallied forth with my cameras and shot over 600 pictures in two days. I have refined them down a bit.

It really wasn’t that bad, though had Brit still been living here, he could have made it down to the pub, then plausibly announced that it was impossible to leave.

~ by @mmonyte on February 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “The White Stuff”

  1. Yes, I am sure that you are correct. The snow would have collected in that dip in the road and made it impossible to get to work, leaving the only possible way out of the house a trip to the White Horse

  2. Is that ice on the pond?

    Favorite shot: the little gate in the wood. This preference reveals that I am truly sentimental. I suspect that you having taken it in the first place says the same for you.

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