The Twitter about Twitter

Regular viewers will have seen my Twitter feed over there > in the right-hand sidebar. Twitter has been getting quite a bit of attention recently, particularly due to its adoption by some high-profile celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Will Carling. Already being a member of Will’s social networking website Rucku it was a short hop across to Twitter, where some of the same reprobates who inhabit the Rucku forums, try and avoid work with a bit of tweeting. However not every Celeb is a real celeb and some Celebs are merely “represented” by their PR people (PR people seem to haunt Twitter in droves).

During the recent plane crash in the Hudson, survivors were posting their experiences, complete with photographs, to Twitter as they waited to be rescued, so Twitter can also be said to be ahead of the mainstream news media in breaking new stories. It’ll be interesting to see how the authorities deal with that, the next time there is a major terrorist “event”.

For people who work from home, or for lonesome road warriors it is a bit like having the office chit-chat going on in the background. I tweet using the Twitterfox addon for Firefox, which keeps it neatly tucked away in the corner of my screen, and occasionally tweet by SMS when I’m out and about. There are plenty of apps for smartphones so Crackberry addicts like Will and Stephen (see how twitter makes us all feel on the same level as these mega-stars?) an Tweet to their hearts content.

In essence it’s all a bit like a big IRC chatroom with a better GUI welded on top, and (slightly) better behaved chatters. You still get the occasional spambot or spamfollower, but you don’t have to provide much personal information when you sign up, so you can maintain pretty good privacy.

OK, time go and Tweet a bit!

~ by @mmonyte on January 29, 2009.

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