Age V. Ambition

Time catches up with you. There I was on Monday, bimbling around Black Park. Upon noticing some new sets being built on the back-lot at Pinewood Studios I clambered upon a log for a better view. Viewing complete I leapt gazelle-like from the log, only to land like a senile hippo, and with a loud crack from my ankle. Unfortunately I was at the Aphelion of my walk and had to stumble the six miles home. The foot is now heavily strapped, quite large, and an interesting colour.

~ by @mmonyte on January 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Age V. Ambition”

  1. Oh Ammo! Lots of ice ice baby… poor you… I know that mother was a nurse… but make sure you take some anti-inflammatory pills like motrin or naproxin. You don’t want that swelling to stay up. I hope you feel better soon! How else will you stagger back from the pub?

  2. The first word out of my mouth after I read this: Yow!

    That’s a drag on so many levels, since you are a hiking man. On the bright side, it’s Winter so you will be well healed (and then can be well heeled) by Spring.

    Until then, there’s always Scotch.

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