Waiting for the Boss

Just had a text from my Sister to say she is on her way to collect the dog. Can’t say I’ll be too sad to see her go, as after a while her constant attention becomes wearing. She shadows me constantly on the off-chance I might be about to take her out for a walk. At the moment she is behind my computer chair, so I cannot roll back from the table without running over her.

On Guard

On Guard

In the evening while I watch TV she sleeps under my chair, as close to the radiator as she can get, occasionally snoring.

Gonked Out

Gonked Out

Ironically, I get less exercise when she is here as I cannot stride off into the distance on a long walk with her. Anyway, as soon as she sets eyes on Mummy, I will become invisible.

~ by @mmonyte on January 11, 2009.

One Response to “Waiting for the Boss”

  1. The cute little thing.

    Husband and I watched a movie this evening, and Sadie took my spot when I vacated it for a moment to refresh my drink. Little scoundrel!

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