Defenestration 7

Out of a kind of morbid curiosity, I downloaded Windows7 Beta. Surely It can’t be as bad as Vista? I installed it in a test environment, using Sun xVM Virtualbox on an old Dell P4, 2Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, allocating 512 MB RAM to the Windows7 machine and 20GB of space on an external USB hard drive. It took about 2 hours to install, looks quite nice when it boots.

Immediately it notifies you that you don’t have an Anti Virus program, and offers to take you to a website to get one. I chose AVG free, which is the one I use on all my VM machines. Loaded smoothly and quickly, as did Firefox. Downloaded Zonealarm Firewall which failed with an error message that I have seen before – when Microsoft service packs have interfered with Zonealarm, so no surprise there, then.

Windows7 comes without a few things such as an email client, but you can download the Windows Live programs through a shortcut. I suspect they feel a lot of modern users may only access their email via a web client. There is still no facility to remove unwanted Windows components, the best you can do is to hide them – so scope for Dino Nuhagic (vLite and nLite) to work his magic again. But look, I’m a corporation, right? I want my people to just switch on, email, use Word and Excel and go home. Nothing else. Why should I have to have all the associated sh1t on my PC’s? Why should I take the risk of someone working around my group policies? Just let me do a freaking custom install and only put the code I need on my computer. Ok?

The look and feel is pretty much the same as Vista, initial impressions are that it is slightly faster than Vista, and that it is easier to find and turn off the annoying nags, but that might be down to my increasing familiarity with the Vista interface.

I guess on balance from this first peek, it seems better than Vista, and if you really, really must have a new PC with Windoze, I’d say hold off until 2010 (or whenever) and buy a new PC with it pre-installed. Don’t go for the proposed buy “Vista, get 7 free” deal. Better still, buy a Mac.

~ by @mmonyte on January 10, 2009.

One Response to “Defenestration 7”

  1. Just installed Windows7 on Sun VirtualBox on my Mac. Installed much quicker and seems to run faster. The Mac is a 2GB RAM dual-core 2 Ghz Intel processor which may help a bit.

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