Cool for January

It’s been fairly cool round these parts recently. A proper winter in fact. A bit more snow might be preferable, in the meantime just have to enjoy sliding around on the ice.

Nana with Snowflakes

Nana with Snowflakes

The dog enjoys it in small doses, so we have been keeping the jaunts short. I’d spend longer, but when walking her, we don’t go fast enough for me to keep warm.

Girl from the Whitestuff

Girl from the Whitestuff

~ by @mmonyte on January 7, 2009.

One Response to “Cool for January”

  1. How adorable is she? And what a good little model – she is looking so seriously at the camera, like a proper fashion model. I like the close-up shot, as one has the sense of how soft her fur is around the ears. The little forward flip of the ears is unique, and very cute.

    My Sadie is a big bounding girl who loves to drag me along on long walks. She is what Brit characterizes as a proper dog, meaning that she is too large to fit on a person’s lap. Not that this keeps her from trying. And not that she is a big fan of Brit, either.

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