Last of the Summer Wine

Due to travel commitments I missed the peak of the autumn colour. I did manage to get a few shots this week, after stormy weather had stripped most of the leaves from the trees.

~ by @mmonyte on November 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Last of the Summer Wine”

  1. Am jealous, these photos are incredible… what will it look like in December?

  2. Pretty, and no snow yet! It’s lovely here too, but we don’t get quite the drama of color change as those in cooler climates.

  3. It will be somewhat bleaker in December.

  4. […] 5 or even Chapter 4, Seeing Red or the Messages in the sky.  Is it an East Coast Smile, a Last of the Summer Wine or a new harvest? We choose who we feed like the Parable of Two […]

  5. Aye it all depends if there is snow, if there’s snow there is snow fights… am Souf Effriken I dont know snow so going to find me a few targets!

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