The Fading Of The Light

With the rain lashing the windows and the wind tearing leaves from the trees it looks like the autumnal fun is over and winter is descending upon us. So, you will be relieved to learn here are probably the last set of photographs of trees. They were taken last week at Cliveden Reach on the River Thames and in Burnham Beeches.

~ by @mmonyte on November 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Fading Of The Light”

  1. Rage against the dying of the light

    Pretty wood boat!

    All the shots are gorgeous. Once again I am humbled by your talent.

  2. Thank you. It’s a traditional Slipper Stern launch (and they look better with the hood down)

  3. *adds to list of to do’s* you have been busy! Am trying to catch up so going to look through all like eye candy!

  4. My husband’s cousin has a Chris Craft Runabout from 40 or 41, and I had the pleasure of bouncing over Lake Tahoe in the thing a couple of years ago. It was not exactly a comfortable ride, but it was fun to be in something vintage.

    Afterwards we enjoyed something else vintage: some good wine.

  5. Nice post u have here 😀 Added to my RSS reader

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