Wheely Good *

It was TC who reminded me that the Windsor Wheel was to close for the winter at the end of the week, and Rockstar Paul who suggested the perfect vantage point on the Brocas, so last night I sallied forth with cameras, tripod gloves and a torch.  Managed to avoid falling into the river in the drak, then wandered around Windsor looking for something to photograph in the dark.  Would you believe they don’t illuminate the Castle at night?  Tourists? Fook ’em, this is England you have to use your imagination.  I can’t believe that any other country would be so blase about a major tourist attraction.  So I photographed the Guildhall instead (Elton John got married there) and played around with some HDR effects later.


* Another gem from Puns-R-Us

~ by @mmonyte on October 31, 2008.

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