Did I Say I hated Vista?

Not helping my current mood (c.f.) has been a struggle with a laptop infested with that pernicious virus Microsoft Vista.  It (the laptop) belongs to a client.  It has automatic updates enabled.  Automatic Updates decided to install Service Pack 1.  Service Pack 1 decided to fail to install.  Cue support call to to moi.  So, boot from Install DVD and run System Repair.  Failed.  Run System Restore.  Failed.  Dig out my “Advanced Mucking Around Tools ™ ” and image the drive. Some googling reveals a Mickeysoft support line dedicated to SP1 problems. Hmmmmm. A support line line dedicated to SP1. Not Good, methinks. Anyroad, not going to pay so I’ll settle for the 24 hour email contact. So raise support call and get a response next morning which just gives an answer I have read many times over on the (many) forums (forumii forae?). Repeat x 4. Re-install Vista and restore data from image.

Now, basically (I hate people who use that word) it all seems to arise from the fact that the Vista boot process has been changed to support EFI/UEFI, and that the boot process is all stored in binary files and not in a nice, easily accessible text editable boot.ini file. Well that and the fact the the SP1 install seems to have a nasty habit of falling over and leaving errors on the disk structure that chkdsk cannot fix (after the re-install chkdsk kept finding orphaned files). Anyway, suffice to say, it’s a mess, it’s not pretty and it seems to have happened to an awful lot of people. Linux Ubuntu anyone?

After all that even a photographic expedition to Virginia Water didn’t really help.


The only hope now is a beer festival at The Blackwood Arms

P.S. this blog entry (like so many others) was written by ignoring the cardinal rule of “don’t drink and blog.”

~ by @mmonyte on October 24, 2008.

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