The best non-Geek, but still bloke-ish gadget ever

For reasons it is otiose to rehearse, I found myself with a large amount of ceiling to paint this week. Now I’d far rather put my testes into the mouth of a hungry crocodile than paint ceilings, but I had found myself seduced by the advertising for the Dulux PaintPod. And, frankly, it is utterly brilliant. If anything it is too good. You don’t need to faff around with trays of paint and having to stop and reload the rollers, so you spend much more time up the ladder painting, and after a few hours with your arms over your head, the muscles have turned to jelly and your neck is permanently cricked. However, the painting is done, the system cleans itself (you just remove the paint container and fill it with water) and you don’t need to cover everything with sheets since there are no drips and no splatter. Had this been around in the 1970’s it’d have avoided a lot of family rows that erupted when there was decorating to be done.

So good was the PaintPod, that time was found to travel down to Yeovilton with TC and JC and have a look at the Fleet Air Arm Museum.

Later in the week, JC’s PC died when Vista showed what a crock of sh1t it is by pointing its nipples to the stars when auto update tried to install service pack 1. The install failed, and system restore doesn’t work. Upon investigation Mickeysoft has a special helpline for failed SP1 installs, so a call has been logged and Mr Gates and Mr Ballmer will find their testes inserted into the jaws of a long-starved crocodile, if a suitable fix is not forthcoming.

~ by @mmonyte on October 18, 2008.

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  1. Ooo more photos to have a gander at *grins*

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