Coming Back To Life

After silence, sound.

On the day that Richard Wright died, I had been out for a walk in Burnham Beeches, and taken a photograph of a mud-and-stick sculpture. In 1972 on the “Obscured By Clouds” soundtrack LP, Rick had co-written a track called “Mudmen” (with David Gilmour). The artist is studying Architecture. in Cambridge. (Rick studied architecture in London, but the rest of the band were from the Cambridge area)

Mudman sculpture by Richard Binning

Mudman sculpture by Richard Binning

The same day, I had opened the Daily Telegraph to read that Nick Mason had died. However this Nick Mason turned out to be a marine serving in Afghanistan.

~ by @mmonyte on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Coming Back To Life”

  1. Mud hmm reminds me of what I looked like after my walk – please remind me not to stand close to a dog that has just dived head first into a mud pool… not funny!

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