No, No, No!

It happened this morning. A letter arrived. I looked at the Franking mark. It had an image of Holly and the words “Seasons Greetings”.

I went to buy some worms. The starlings have been missing out on their breakfast, so I drove to a Garden Center at Worlds End (I figured if they fired up the LHC, then what the heck). I was followed for part of the way by the Google Spies. On arrival a large section had been emptied, and a hand-written note said “Xmas stuff here”. Anyway I have the mealworms so the birdies will get their breakfast (at least until the LHC starts colliding those beams and we all vanish through a singularity into a parallel universe, hopefully one where “Xmas” doesn’t begin until Dec 23rd)

~ by @mmonyte on September 10, 2008.

One Response to “No, No, No!”

  1. You misspelt Ho Ho Ho dangit!

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