F1 is a farce

Last year I blogged about the apparent bias towards Ferrari present in the administration of Formula One racing. On Sunday we saw one of the most blatant frauds perpetrated on “sport”, when Lewis was penalised by 25 seconds, handing victory to Massa (Ferrari). A fortnight previously, Massa had escaped penalty despite almost initiating a pit-lane collision which could have been disastrous with two cars loaded with fuel in a confined and crowded area. In a GP2 race the same day, several people had received “drive though” penalties for the same error that Massa perpetrated.

So the only logical conclusion one can come to is that the FIA are beholden to Ferrari, or more likely, the mafia (who use Ferrari as a money laundering front).

Formula One is a farce, a fraud. It is corrupt to the highest level and run by a man with no morals and no scruples. I shall not be watching another race.

~ by @mmonyte on September 8, 2008.

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