Unearthly Pleasures

Let’s face it, not much Sci-Fi has really translated well to the big screen. OK, the daddy of them all is 2001:A Space Odyssey”, and the granddaddy must be Forbidden Planet“. But not many modern Sci-fi movies really cut it as “sci-fi”. The Star Wars oeuvre (OK, IV – VI) might be described as “cowboys in space” and most of the others are just other formats transferred to an off-earth setting.

I fell to contemplating this whilst watching The Abyss” this evening, which I’d definitely call sci-fi, along with Alien. But what other films? Darkstar? Sure. Silent Running? Maybe. Alphaville? Yep. Solaris (The Tarkovsky original)? Absolutely. What else? Which films of the last 30 years would you consider to be genuine science fiction rather than just action/adventure in an exotic location?

~ by @mmonyte on September 6, 2008.

9 Responses to “Unearthly Pleasures”

  1. Well, the new version of Solaris was also good, no action, rather pure Sci-Fi.
    And I agree, it is all about special effects and action nowadays. I am also hungry for some good sci-fi on the screen. I just watched (ten minutes ago) The Day the Earth Stood Still. We’ll see what the new version will be like.

  2. What about Sunshine? Not the greatest, perhaps, but it was highly entertaining and meets the criteria.

    Some of the Star Trek films fit the mold too.

    Minority Report was quite good, but I’m iffy on that one – was it just a dressed-up action film?

    I, Robot possibly – I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but can we generalize the villain? If so, it might be considered a general good v. evil. What do you think?

    I’ve a confession to make. I don’t like 2001. My husband thinks I’m somehow deficient because I found the ending laughable.

  3. Welcome to the blog Robert. Agreed, the remake of Solaris was better than remakes usually are. And why remake The Day The Earth Stood Still? I just don’t understand why people feel the need to remake perfectly good films, I suspect laziness.

    Ilegirl. I, Robot? Pah! A travesty perpetrated on a great work of literature. For not getting 2001, your geek credentials are rescinded. Minority Deport? See I, Robot, & also is disqualified due to the presence of Cruise.

  4. Oh I got 2001 certainly – I could clearly see Kubrick’s intent – but thought it was silly. Maybe it’s a geekette thing. That would explain the Tom Cruise film, too. 😉

  5. Hi Ammo, I am not new to your site, but thanks for welcoming me again. Always feels good. 😉
    I am not sure what has happened, but I noticed that the link from my first comment to me is a weird one, throws people on my sign-up page… Can you perhaps just delete the comment altogether or see if there’s anything else you can do… Never happened before. Hm.

  6. Same again, darn! I will never dare to comment on you blog again…

  7. Robert, I fixed your link problem which was due to a missing r between robertk and zisnik 😉

  8. Oh, thanks, you see, my surname is really difficult, I am 42 and still can not spell it…

  9. That’s right, blame your parents…. 😀

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