Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Some years ago Brian (Roxy Music) Eno and David (Talking Heads) Byrne came together and produced a collaboration “My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts”. Now some thirty (really thirty?) years on, they’ve done another. The first one was Eno/Byrne, this one seems to be Byrne/Eno, but no less wonderful for that.

In typically adventurous spirit they are encouraging people to share the stream, so here is my contribution.


~ by @mmonyte on August 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”

  1. Great! I tried to embed this in my post on the topic but experienced technical difficulties.

    Perhaps this is my giddy caffeine-influenced mood, but this album is brilliant.

  2. OK, I am so excited that someone else actually likes Eno and Byrne collabs that I had to come back and look again.

  3. If you look up “eclectic” in the dictionary you will find my name.

    If you want things done properly, get a hardware dude to do it.

  4. Ah – that sounds like a challenge!

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