Fly me to the Moon…or not, perhaps

NASA must really be screwed if they can’t afford a few copies of a reliable anti-virus program to keep their computers clean. (What? They run windoze?!!) And this comes on top of a failed test of the parachute system for the future Orion capsule, the replacement for the Space Shuttle. And a failed launch of a rocket testing new hypersonic hardware. Well lets hope that bad things come in three’s because their next launch is a biggie. The last repair job on the Hubble Space Telescope, and if it all goes nipple skywards, a hair-brained rescue plan awaits.

One can’t help thinking that NASA has been going to the dogs since their engineers stopped wearing check shirts, horn-rimmed glasses and smoking pipes.—LAUNCHING-AND-REC?embedded=true&widgetFormat=javascript&widgetType=detail&controls=1&nsip=1

~ by @mmonyte on August 27, 2008.

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