Guilty Pleasures & Underappreciated Gems

Inspired by Ilegirl’s admission of admiration for Supertramp, I have been motivated out of my usual cynical slothliness to create my first ever meme. And that meme shall be called “Guilty Pleasures”. So what deeply unhip and embarrassing music/film/tv have did you dig? Name five.

Here’s mine:-

1) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Prog rock musos)
2) The Banana Splits (TV) Second (or is it third?) childhood
3) ABBA (Music. I’m not gay, honestly)
4) UFO (TV) Sci-fi responsible for most of the nightmares I have to this day
5) Blakes 7 (TV) Phone Russell T Davies, Now.

The second part of this meme is the chance to redeem your reputation by resurrecting music/tv/film that is starting to get overlooked, but is (to use a favourite NME [sorry non-uk readers] term) artistically valid. Nice.

1) Ian Dury (Music) (Yeah, OK so he is pretty well-known but you can never have enough Blockheads in your life)
2) Brinsley Schwartz (Music) The original “Pub Rockers”
3) The Tripods (Book and TV) More childhood memories
4) Two Lane Blacktop (Film) The coolest road movie ever
5) Devo (Music) Ubergeek music
6) (OK I can’t keep it down to 5) Church of the SubGenius (Philosophy for people who can’t be arsed with philosophy)

And I tag thee Sanityfound, Ambermoon, BritInCalifornia and Ilegirl.

~ by @mmonyte on August 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures & Underappreciated Gems”

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