I woke up this morning, missing my honey-pie (The Maryport Blues)

Well it’s was a totally terrific 10th Maryport Blues festival, right down to the glitter golden wristbands.  Due to limited internet connectivity a fuller report with pictures will be blogged later.

Chuck Berry was (a) alive and (b) brilliant,  Jools Holland had the tent jumping,  Jimmy Vaughn played the (electric) blues brilliantly, Sherman Robertson,  Alvin Youngblood Hart, Jeff Lang, Earl Thomas, Ian Parker, Chris Farlowe, and Ian Siegal put on fantastic performances.  Marc Almond (guesting with Jools) was, well Marc Almond and Ruby Turner was stunning.

Maryport Blues 2008 – Friday
Maryport Blues 2008 – Saturday
Maryport Blues 2008 – Sunday

~ by @mmonyte on July 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “I woke up this morning, missing my honey-pie (The Maryport Blues)”

  1. Now those glitter golden wristbands sound to die for! I am avoiding mentioning the music because I am jealous…

  2. Glitter wrist-bands? Yes, I share ISF’s sentiment!

    Love, love, love Jools Holland! We get a beeb channel that airs the Jools Holland Show, and I was blown away by his talent. He can play anything, and has a true love of music evident by the artists he selects to participate. But, I digress.

    Jimmy Vaughn, too? Great luck for you! I saw him at Slim’s in San Francisco many years back – great show. I sat in the balcony with my husband’s boss while he and her husband braved the floor crowd to catch a closer look at his guitar. I think I scored, because Boz Scaggs was sitting next to me.

    Chuck Berry is a hoot, isn’t he?

    Sounds like a great show. Is this an annual music festival?

  3. […] delights and treats… aaaaah going back in time to places past, dreaming the dream.  The Maryport Blues of crafting blogs and the real horrorscopes are all the Next Week’s News Today but the real […]

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