Descendants and relatives

This post was inspired by seeing Joan Armatrading at this year’s Glastonbury. Apart from turning out to be that rare beast, a female guitar hero, it reminded me that I was (briefly) at school with her cousin, Cheryl. Joan’s turning out very blues/jazzy and I’d recommend her to the bookers of the Maryport Blues Festival.

I also happen to know Ben Chaplins’ brother, and to have met (via the matrix) the great-grand niece of the Duke of Wellington and the grand daughter of Holly Golightly. Incidentally I once knew a woman who took Holly as an inspiration rather than a warning. (I was the George Peppard character). Strange lady.

Also on this years Glasto list was Amy Winehouse. I watched her performance last year, thinking “that’s someone in trouble” which events have only confirmed. This year I watched her, thinking, “How is she still alive?” There is something of the Judy Garland about her performances. Everyone knows the rumours, but there is a fascinated horror in seeing if she can deliver. Car-crash voyeurism. By the way I am not one of Dorothy’s friends.

~ by @mmonyte on June 29, 2008.

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