Why are all the good ideas taken?

I was chatting to a friend last night, and we came up with an idea to make our fortune. It was totally brilliant, a work of sheer genius and elegance. Everyone would want it. We’d make squillions of dollars/pounds/euros/rand. It had to be unique, neither of us had ever heard of it before.

Whilst we were designing our retirement homes, Mr Google spoiled the party with 24,000 hits showing it had been done before.

Damn and Blast!

~ by @mmonyte on June 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Why are all the good ideas taken?”

  1. Damn and Blast! You sure that it wasn’t just your eyeballs playing up again and the 24 was actually 00??? Off to go cancel the architects dang!

    Perhaps just re-engineer the concept?

  2. Sorry Princess, the diamonds are canceled. 😦

  3. *sniff sniff* next time 😉

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