10 things you don’t know about me meme

(Sigh)Tagged by Sanityfound to respond I’m not sure what I can reveal, and stay out of jail.

1) One of my ancestors was a highwayman in Lincolnshire.

2) I once lost a 200m race to Todd Bennett rather badly.

3) In 1974 I won Bronze in the UK dry slope langlauf skiing championships.

4) I know who shot JFK.

5) I cannot tell right from left (it’s a genetic disorder).

6) I have never dated a woman who was more than 5′ 7″ tall.

7) I can read a seismic section and borehole logs to find oil.

8 ) I have a resting pulse rate of 48 bmp.

9) I believe that a woman should always come first.

10) I have taught Microsoft Access to Senior Officers at Sandhurst.

~ by @mmonyte on June 22, 2008.

6 Responses to “10 things you don’t know about me meme”

  1. 5) I cannot tell right from left (it’s a genetic disorder). rofl I’d hate to see someone ask us for directions oh man the agony for them! “No go left, I mean right, no sorry, I mean left, oh whatever go up and then down, cheers I need a drink”

    You know famous people 😀

  2. Hey – I have serious problems with left and right as well! My husband teases me about it: I can give him pi to 5 dec places without batting an eye, debug code source in my head, and solve a quadratic equation in my sleep, but I have to point which way to turn.

    With #9 you have redeemed yourself for the Ladies’ Golfing rules.

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  4. too funny… #9 shows you as a true gent! Taking notes ladies????

    I too am inflicted with directionanous havocusdisasterous. Meaning I can’t tell my right from my left therefore causing havoc and disaster when trying to give directions. Maybe its viral? Dunno..

    Tiny women are overrated. We buxom wenches leave more “cushion for the pushin’ ”
    Ask Gaz or Brit….lol

  5. Directionanous Havocusdisasterous is very dangerarse indeed. The myth surrounding it is that anyone reading its name gets infected by word-of-sight with the hilariarse giggluous agonitis. It is said, once the hilariarse giggluous agonitis gets into the system it causes the infected victim to laugh uncontrollably and just when they think they have it under control they burst out laughing once more. This is only dangerarse when mouth is full or pulls a stomach muscle… as I have just done!

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