Apparently you put this mascara on your face.

The @mmonyte shrugs and walks away.

~ by @mmonyte on June 17, 2008.

7 Responses to “Mascara”

  1. I’m biting my tongue

  2. Your tongue?

  3. Indeed my tongue…

    I think I’d make a fortune importing this particular mascara into no mans land that is Africa!

  4. Well, a fortune for l’oreal I’d wager 🙂 What you need is a time machine, go back several years, invent it first, then sue them! (This idea itself is purloined from H2G2)

  5. Dang! Even better yet invent the time machine then patent that to sell it to these brilliant copy cats … just imagine the dog fight, it may even bring prices down!!!

  6. With brains like ours, why are we not as rich as Croesus?

  7. This is what I have been asking myself for decades…

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