Golf for women

Sanityfound relates the tale of an Italian man who, unable to manage domestic chores, had kidnapped his ex to carry out the work.

Perhaps he plays golf at this course:-

Instructions For Women [found at]

(The @mmonyte runs away and hides in his shell)

~ by @mmonyte on June 16, 2008.

16 Responses to “Golf for women”

  1. Ok wait I need to calm down first roflmao

    Phew ok *calm*

    Sheesh I’ll never be able to play at this golf course!!! do dishwashers count? Cause I have one male dishwasher, one male chef, one male washer and one male housekeeper and none of them know of the other…

    This just has to be a British sign, I mean where else in the world is dinner called after a product you drink unless tea is all you eat???

  2. Actually I reckon it might be from Australia.

  3. Well this is highly possible, tea right after sheep?

    Sorry I meant a sleep

  4. If we are talking about Australians then you were probably right about the sheep.

  5. Well it most definitely isn’t the South Africans they prefer chimps! Could be either the Australians or the Welsh, both terrible at Rugby… think they get distracted with their tea 😉 … possibly the British influence?

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  7. Ooh now, don’t call a welshman “British” unless you want to start a fight!

    I tried to trackback to your post, but it looks like you’ve disabled trackbacks (yeah and I know trackbacks are so 2006!)

  8. Of course, they must be simple tasks, because the ladies are too stupid to do anything complicated such as getting a job and hiring a houseboy to do the cooking and cleaning.

  9. Well this is it, track backs remind me of a snail leaving a trail and we don’t like snails…

    Now you can’t run from the fact that it has been said “Every Englishman has a bit of Welsh in him” could never figure out exactly what that meant …

  10. LOL @ ilegirl

    This Englishman has a bit of Cornish in him, Sanity.

  11. Ah so Mr Celtic do you speak Curnoack or do you just like eating pies?

  12. Pasties, not pies! And not those horrible fat-and-gristle filled imitations of a true Cornish Pasty, either!

  13. You are blessed with good roots mine are descendant from Kevin Barry … no wonder I am a rebel!

  14. My great-great grandfather came up to London and blew the family fortune on wine, women and song. His son was the Station Master at Slough until one day when the Royal Train carrying Queen Victoria pulled out of the station without her Carriage attached. He got busted down to porter at Datchet Station. His son (My grandfather) was a copper in the City Of London Police who married the Landlady of the Morning Star pub. His colleagues used to come up from London and drank them bankrupt. My Dad was born in a room above the pub. Which may explain a lot about me. Dad used to go to Cornwall on holiday looking for the remains of the family fortune. He never found it.

  15. Alas that is both distinguished and impressive, I love the fact that the family lore is passed down in memories.

    Mine is much like yours though my distant cousin was Irish and hanged by the British, my great great grandmother then, his aunt, went on to marry a Brit who then went to Calcutta to open the bank of England. Once there though he fancied himself a bit of Africa and they shipped out. My great great grandfather, then decided to join the Anglo Boers and fight only to have his son marry a Dutch woman who was half French… see why I get confused???

    Trust my ancestors… its no wonder I am the way I am

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